Sundar Pichai, one of the less talked about names till tuesday coincidentally became one of the most ‘Googled’ one. In 2004, he joined google as a product analyst and close to a decade with the giants, he has enjoyed every top post , be it the head of chrome or the mobile division android which is the top mobile platform in the world.Now , he is the CEO of the company which was once just a search engine but now is a dream company for every job aspirant. So, here are several less known facts about Sundar Pichai
 that only a few can tell .

  • He was a cricket lover like every other Indian and also lead the school team and went on to win many inter-school, inter-city and inter-state competitions!
  • Mr.Sundar has been gifted with a sharp mind which is a no brainer but also with an amazing memory. 
  • He is good at memorizing phone numbers, daily tasks and everyday schedules.
  • He’s married to Anjali, his long time girlfriend and has two children.
  • He was also a contender for two other top posts of companies like Microsoft and Linkedin.
  • He also designed the chrome toolbar that protected it from Microsoft Attacks.
  • His Favourite food is Curd and Rice. Surprising how a man of his calliber enjoys having a typical ye simple south Indian dish.
  • He's nicknamed Rajesh which also is not known to many.
  • He didn't watch T.V. during his childhood because he didn't have one.
  • He was the Master of Ceremonies at the Google Developer Conference for the last two years.