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Upsc (Union Public Service Commission) has released the admit card for the preliminary phase of civil services examination 2015. It can now be downloaded from the link mentioned here.Instructions to download the admit card have also been mentioned in detail.

Exam Name: Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2015
Last date to Download : 23rd August  2015
Please follow the below given instructions to download the admit card.

     Instructions to Download Admit Card
1.Use Google Chrome to properly view the Admit Card Application.
2. Javascript should be enabled on your browser.
3. Do not use mobile or other gadgets for downloading e-ADMITCARD.Preferably use Windows OS on Desktop Machine.
4. If you are having problem in downloading e-Admitcard using suggested browsers then clear the cache and cookies of browser using browser setting. In case if you are still unable to download the e-Admitcard then please try to download the admitcard using other computer machine.
5. If the candidate is blocked by the server in case of repetitive downloading please contact UPSC ADMINISTRATOR immediately through e-mail: - to unblock the downloading.

Click Here to download the Admit Card.