There is quite a lot of buzz about the large number of vacancies coming up in Indian Railway Recruitment Board. Recently railway has started conducting its railway exams online in order to prevent the use of unfair means in its exams.  The railway exam being conducted at the moment are of utmost importance for all those who spire to have a job in the various departmental offices of railways , so here are the various questions that were asked in the exam held in the morning shift of  RRB NTPC exam on 16.04.2016....

                      Questions and Answers for RRB NTPC EXAM 2016

    • Who was appointed as M.D and CEO of central Mine planing and Design institute Ltd (CMPDI)? Shekhar saran
    • Who has won the sangita kalanidhi award for 2015 ? sanjay subrahmanyan
    • Which is Digital State of India? Kerala
    • Who is Chief Election Commissioner of India? Nasim Zaidi
    • Who is CEO of Flipkart? Binny Bansal
    • Which state produce maximum silk in india? Karnataka
    • Who made the First Chocolate ? Harnan Cortes
    • RBI said that villages over ......residents to have bank branches by March 2017 ?5,000
    • Homosapiens means : Wise man
    • RUGBY world cup 2019 venue : Japan
    • Who designed the Indian Parliament Building? Sir Edwin Lutyens
    • Which Indian Scientist contradicted Einstein theory of energy (E=mc^2) Ajay Sharma
    • Tirumala temple situated in which hillsVyankatadri
    • Present Location of Krukshetra? Ambala
    • Bleaching powder is mostly found in?Calcium Oxichloride
    • What is Exobiology? Study of Extraterrestrial life
    • Osama Bin Laden killed at which place?Abbottabad in Pakistan
    • 15th P.M. of India? Narendra Modi
    • World wide Web invented by? Tim Berners-Lee 

  Indian Railways Mega Recruitment 60,000 job vacancies

It is expected that a large number of vacancies would be brought to face by the Indian railways very soon. The exact number of job vacancies is not yet made official but it is said that there will be around 60,000 job vacancies in Indian Railways by the end of this year.

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